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Exceptional service is critical to every hospital. The experience your patients and guests receive from their initial contact with a valet, greeter or concierge creates an expectation of excellence throughout their stay at your facility. Pinnacle Healthcare delivers that positive patient experience with every contact. In addition to the functions detailed below, we also provide:

• Shuttle services
• Traffic control attendants


Our valets deliver service that goes far beyond the ordinary parking and securing of vehicles. Their role is not merely to create a satisfied guest. It is to:

• Develop a fully engaged guest
• Exceed guest expectations
• Personalize the guest’s experience
• Anticipate guest needs
• Create "wow moments" that will be fondly remembered

Greeter and Concierge:

Our professional staff seeks to deliver the highest caliber of hospitality to patients and visitors as well as to medical and administration personnel. Greeters and concierges:

• Provide a genuinely sincere welcome
• Answer questions with warmth and courtesy
• Confirm a doctor or lab appointment
• Offer advice regarding hotels or restaurants
• Order flowers or gifts
• Assist with any number of other personal requests

Our greeters and concierges are supremely talented at fulfilling these wishes with care and affection.

Parking Management:

Our extensive experience in consulting and management of hospital parking facilities includes expertise in every size of medical facility. We:

• Use state-of-the-art parking management software with skilled operators
• Provide hands-on supervisory management
• Make the most of your parking spaces
• Increase efficiency
• Enhance parking revenues.

And, by applying our Diamond Standards, our Cashier Ambassadors create fond memories upon arrival and departure.


Ours is a seasoned team of guest services experts available to help you strengthen your commitment to patient satisfaction. Our forward-thinking management team can offer the flexible solutions you require to make sure every patient and every guest comes away with a legendary experience.