NAHTM Certified Healthcare Transporters

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Every interaction with your patients and guests is an opportunity to leave a positive imprint and strengthen the image of your health system. We seek out and cultivate individuals who have an inborn sense of service and compassion toward others. In addition, we:

• Use carefully crafted, highly impactful hospitality training programs
• Continually update training and procedures based on the industry demands and trends
• Utilize employee recognition and feedback for all team members
• Hone natural skills in an environment that is supportive at every level

Our unprecedented healthcare hospitality training program was specifically designed to achieve dramatic results whether the guest is parking a car or not. We emphasize the importance of our people to our organization, and build them into highly specialized and sincerely compassionate guest service providers. As a result, our people are capable, enthusiastic and energized to represent your hospital at the highest level, every day, with every person they encounter.

Safety First

For the comfort of patients and to reduce the risk of liability, patient safety is paramount at all times. In addition, team members possess highly specialized training (which is continuously updated and reinforced) on:

• The Joint Commission Standards
• Other regulatory policies and industry trends

Whether we are managing your valet, greeter or parking facilities, we do so meticulously due to the care and focus we commit to our talented staff.